David May – It’d Never Be Enough ft. Fashawn [Song] Prod. Gunnah

Posted on January 11, 2015 by


Walnut, California rapper David May presents “It’d Never Be Enough”, his new single featuring Fresno rapper Fashawn. The song is produced by Gunnah, who produced the entire of David May’s previous EP VIDEO 94 . Born to a drug-addicted mother, David lived in foster homes before being adopted by a couple who had previously lost a daughter to leukemia. In 2012 Black Cloud released David’s debut album The Lifestyle Of A Dream Chaser and performed alongside Pac Div, Curren$y and joined The Road To Paid Dues Tour with Murs and Fashawn. Now independent, David presents “It’d Never Be Enough” via his new collective OSA (One Step Ahead). May first met Fashawn on the Deal Or No Deal Tour but the two got closer as co-performers on the 2013 Road To Paid Dues Tour. “One day Fash hits me while he’s in LA,” says David. “I meet up with him and we go to my little lab I have set up at my pad. While we’re chilling we throw on some of Gunnah’s beats, and one beat stuck out to us. We both started coming up with concepts for the song, and then one of us suggested: let’s go back and forth, trade bars, play off each other’s lines. It came out real natural because nobody forced anything. It was just two homies making music.”