Top 10 To Watch For 2015 [List]

Posted on January 15, 2015 by


A new year means we at Da-What have got 10 more names that you watch for.  Spanning across the country, with a diverse set of skills, these are the artists that we think will be popping up more and more frequently on your favorite blogs, the background of your favorite TV shows and whatever else these creatives can get themselves into.  Not going to limit their ambitions with a list off the top of my head. Take some time to get familiar if you aren’t already.


10. Bizzy Crook – Miami, FL

9. Nitty Scott, MC – Brooklyn, NY

8. Topaz Jones – Montclair, NJ

7. 100s – Berkeley, CA

6. Gifted Gab – Seattle, WA

5. Royce the Choice – Seattle, WA

4. YC the Cynic – Bronx, NY

3. Gee Watts – Kansas City, MO

2. Raz Simone – Seattle, WA

1. Kevin Gates – Baton Rouge, LA