Chance Fischer – STACCATO [Song] Prod. Don Kevo

Posted on February 13, 2015 by


In music, staccato is characterized by short abrupt sounds. Notes played in staccato are sharp and piercing. Chance Fischer brings this concept to life through music with his newly released single. The tense, Don Kevo-produced release feature staccato piano notes throughout the instrumental. Chance also uses a creative metaphor in the chorus, as he describes his money chase as a quest to “stack these c notes in staccato.” The Richmond, Virginia emcee describes himself as ‘slick-tongued and quick-witted,’ and he displays just that, even in the midst of a song that allows him to express some of his deep-rooted desires and feelings of vulnerability.

This song is unabashedly brash and defiant, drawing a metaphoric line in the sand between obstacles and success. Chance is unique because he can build off of metaphors more complex than what we typically find in most hip-hop songs and still create anthemic choruses in the process. This song is a prime example. “Staccato” will be featured on Chance’s forthcoming WREATH album.

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