#DaFiveFingerDiscount: Mahd – 13 [Editorial]

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Da-What was lucky enough to catch up with the talented Detroit emcee MAHD to break down his latest album 13! #DaFiveFingerDiscount is an album preview and interview rolled into one; designed to give our readers both an introduction to the newest projects out there and some insight into the artist’s creative process. If you like what you hear, GO BUY THE ALBUM NOW!!!

#3 Got Damn: This is the song where I begin to paint a picture for the listener. AWillTraxx, Velle SS and myself linked up one Sunday and created this track. We started a thing called Sunday sessions, where we would meet on a Sunday and just work. It sounds dark just how I envisioned it. Telling a story of how I met my ex all the way up to when things got bad before the break up. I wanted the production and lyrics to be very visual and I feel we executed it.

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#4 Can’t Believe: This song picks up where Got Damn left off. Even with the production. The sounds from the end of Got Damn, start the song in Can’t Believe. All of this was planned and intentional. Again I wanted the lyrics and track to be very visual. Starting the song in the middle of an argument and reciting lyrics that tell the listener who is arguing and why.  You can really place your self in the argument while listening. I also wanted the structure of the song to go off of what felt right rather than a typical arrangement. Most of the songs were made with that in mind.

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#4 Road Trip: This is the 2nd half of Can’t Believe. One of my favorite joints on the album from the production alone. I start the song with “Road trip, I ain’t trafficking the white but please lord don’t let me go to jail tonight.” This is a play on a young jeezy line “road trip yeah I’m trafficking the white but please lord don’t let me go to jail tonight”. I used this line for a few reasons. If you go back to the song Got Damn, I mention picking up my girl while jeezy was playing on repeat. All this just helps paint the picture of the character. Also, I’m taking this road trip to clear my head from what’s going on back home but being young and black on the highway can result in being profiled by state troopers. The lyrics in this song are aggressive and compliment the beat. And it was still able to fit into the flow of all the other songs.

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#7 Out: One day I called Awill and told him I was coming over to track. About 20 minutes after being there he had already finished making the beat. Didn’t take me long to come up with the first line because it was really what I was doing at the time. “Scrolling my phone”. This song is the part of the story where I’m almost finished with the road trip but I start thinking to myself “I haven’t talked to any chicks the whole drive.” But quickly regain focus. It’s also a message in this song about setting goals and reaching them. Everything in life isn’t about materialism. “Get some goals in your house.”

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#8 Truths: Awill sent me a sample he flipped one day and I had to use it. We tried to stay away from samples as much as we could on this album but I couldn’t pass on this one. Once again I’m venting. This time about rappers and entertainers that promote a false lifestyle in their music. “Some may hear my rhymes and wonder where the weapons is. Or where the drugs be. The fancy lifestyle. But how much skill does it take to be real fake?” I’m basically challenging fellow artists to put Truths in their music and message.

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