Rahiem Supreme – Lost Gemz [Mixtape]

Posted on February 26, 2015 by


“Rahiem, with Lost Gemz, provides a balanced variety between street stories, love stories, and anthem-type cuts, as well as a balance between boom bap and trap soundscapes. Over the course of forty-eight minutes, Supreme finds a way to quench whatever thirst any listener may have, all without stretching beyond his own voice.
This voice, whether it be through Supreme’s vocal, the tune’s atmosphere, or the production, is what ultimately provides Lost Gemz with it’s cohesive backbone. There is a duality between the cold, the damp, the dirty and the warm, the sunny, and the beautiful throughout Lost Gemz, even though the dark and cold appear most. This challenges the listener to appreciate each song with the same amount of attention. Even if it’s a sound or style you’re not familiar with, or a normal fan of, Rahiem Supreme finds a way to bridge the gap.” – garrett of BRAIN BANDITS