The Marvelous Marketer – Marketing Myth 1: Why Aren’t My Numbers Growing Overnight? [Editorial]

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In an attempt to help bring more information to the indie artists and help them navigate the difficult landscape that is 2015’s music industry, Da-What and IAMPR Agency have joined forces on a new column “The Marvelous Marketer”. So without further ado, here is the first installment “Marketing Myth 1: Why Aren’t My Numbers Growing Overnight?” !!

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I have spoken with many artists who told me they had let go of their former publicist because they were not able to increase their views or downloads on their mixtapes/EPs. This is a common mistake amongst independent artists to assume that PR should immediately translate to views and downloads and go viral within days/weeks.
If an artist has no press history or hasn’t built a strong enough fanbase, it will take time for the numbers to match your expectations. You probably won’t start developing a huge following overnight. Like anything worth building, growing a sizable audience takes time.Many of the artists you look up to have been at it for many years.
You have to first establish credibility with the media outlet you are looking to build a relationship with, and by default you also need enough blogs in your pipeline to feature you in order to start growing your numbers. Even if you were to have 10-20 blogs feature you initially, it won’t make you go viral !  In order to get posted regularly, you need to remain active, consistent and your content needs to be of quality.
I think it is important for artists to first start building awareness – and by awareness you should not be looking for any purchases, or downloads yet – your only aim in the awareness and relationships stage is that people see you consistently and that they understand why you do what you do. That’s exactly what a good PR company should provide, and help build relationships on a mass scale.
 Stick with it, and don’t get discouraged by a slow start — everyone starts slow!
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