The Marvelous Marketer – Marketing Myth #2: I Can Get A Record Deal By Spamming Record Execs Via Twitter [Editorial]

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The second installment of IAMPR Agency and Da-What’s editorial series to help independent artists learn about the industry and dismiss the marketing myths that are so commonly accepted.

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We could all use more visibility to increase the awareness of our businesses! However there are some creative ways to get to that goal and destructive ways that could hurt your brand! Spamming is one of them!
What is spamming? “Sending the same message indiscriminately to a large number of recipients on the Internet”.
We all have noticed independent artists on Twitter spamming record execs in the hopes of getting “discovered” or signed.
Here’s the truth: spamming these execs will not get you signed, it will only get you blacklisted! Why? Because the best way to get the attention of a major label is to already make money on your own!
If you have a business that is already cash flowing, you will get their attention! Major labels only invest in proven talent! It is because signing an artist that is already making money is a low risk investment compared to signing an unknown/unproven artist!
For instance, if an artist already makes $30-50,000 a year on their own, the label will gladly back them up, put a budget behind them to increase their sales. They do not want to have to invest from scratch because it is not sure that the artist will make money, and that artist will then become a liability, not an asset !
The best way to market yourself is to create an organic buzz and to have a strong marketing plan that will lead to sales! That is a surefire way to be on the label’s radar!
If you follow this advice, you will truly unlock the key to your success!

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