Da Hip Life Ep. 3: Jean Feier Interview [Video]

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Jean Feier is a Ghanaian artist who  spent a good portion of her childhood in Europe; a German national who also lived in England and Ghana.  All three countries have left their mark on her personality and artistry and she speaks many different languages!   She draws influence from the music of her many cultures – grabbing bits and pieces as she sees fit.  She just released her first EP – a 6 track offering called 93M Child – as part of Ghana’s up-and-coming Royal KCMG collective.  Intensely in touch with her own emotions, her life equally shines through the lyrics and musical backdrop.  Yes, she’s a rapper but in line with today’s musical trends, her music continues to blend genres and bend definitions.

While she is very green, she already shows great promise as a musician; her strongest quality is the trait I find most important in music, and to a greater extent art: AUTHENTICITY.  Her limited discography sticks to what she knows which will pay off.  People may enjoy fads here and there but in the long run, we as listeners want what is real and Jean Feier is determined to give us her “real”, whatever that may be.  For now, her working relationships are limited, as she works almost exclusively with the other artists on KCMG’s roster and I am sure that they will all continue to grow and expand their influence.  Given her diverse background and unique upbringing, Jean Feier tells a story that can’t be found anywhere else.  She sat down to talk a bit about her inspirations and motivations with Da-What for the latest installment of “Da Hip Life”.

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