The Marvelous Marketer – Marketing Myth #3: I can Bypass The Small Blogs & Head Straight To the Top [Editorial]

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The latest installment of Da-What and IAMPR Agency’s effort to help independent artists!

I have had at least thousands of conversations over the last 6 years with musicians wanting to bypass being featured on small blogs. It didn’t matter which genre: Rock, Pop, Rap, RNB or else, the big goal was landing the huge media placement right off the gate.
I think it’s a big mistake to overlook working with smaller/medium outlets because of the size of their followings. Beyonce wasn’t built in one day!
Working with smaller outlets also builds a fan base and that fan base will go on to support you for years! On the Rock side, bands know that the best way to build a fan base is to tour heavily – because the more people see the band live, the more connections they make -(Think Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, U2 and more). On the Hip Hop side, take a look at Wiz Khalifa’s business model or even Chris Webby. They both spent years building a following online, remaining open to any opportunity that came their way! They established relationships with everyone!
When a client tells me ” I don’t want to do this interview with this blog because they’re not [Insert any big blog name here]”, to me that’s insulting. You’re shutting down the doors on opportunities and then wonder why you’re not growing bigger as an artist. It’s surprising to me that an artist wants to turn down a fan and tell them “I don’t want to be featured on your blog because you’re not big enough”. Whatever energy you put out, you get back! So if you turn down a blog, don’t be surprised when in return, you’re turned down by  bigger blog too! In short, one way to become successful in the music business is to say YES to opportunity.
Don’t get too egotistical that you miss out on your journey!
It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey and the people you meet along the way!
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