#DaFiveFingerDiscount: Emotionz – Psychedelic Boombox [Editorial]

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For the latest installment of Da Five Finger Discount, we caught up with Emotionz of Wandering Worx to breakdown his latest album Psychedelic Boombox.  Get acquainted below and go support!

Already On It

This song is about appreciating the beauty of our own planet opposed to fantasizing about a perfect world elsewhere. Finding a heaven on earth instead of only dreaming of our afterlives in bliss. Trying to create balance and understanding in our individual lives so we open ourselves to fully appreciate the magnitude, grace and power of our own planet. Carpe diem [Seize the day]


This tunes about my own trials and tribulations as a traveling artist. I touch a bit on the experiences of my first couple tours as well as relocating from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Montreal and Nelson, BC. Touring, battling, hitchhiking and bum rushing stages to take over and do our own music. Spending that much time with your friends traveling as kids you start to see individuals morals, personalities and character traits forming into the people they’ll become for the rest of their lives. Looking back I’m really glad I had the people around me that I did and it’s been a blessing to see everybody become the people they have. Another point of this song is about getting to a level of artistry where your more concerned with proving something to yourself than anyone else. This was my first album ever where I felt that if I was truly happy with the music myself than I’d be content artistically without needing outside influence or approval. My mom told me a story that when she saw Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock 69 he had a glowing orange aura around him. That’s always seemed cool and stuck in my head so I threw in a line about that as well


Alien Weed

This ones a classic hip hop metaphor for the “I’m on that next level shit”. Idea wise I feel like most of these boring ass rappers are a dime bag of that brown while I’m off a pound of that fluorescent alien kush. Speaking on how I get my tree’s from outer space is actually referring to where I’ve been looking for my own inspiration both lyrically and in life. Instead of getting caught up in the same day to day interactions, thoughts and patterns of other people I’ve been trying to look inside myself and find original and different ways of thinking, rapping, writing etc. This tunes really about thinking outside the box and staying open minded to everything

Livin My Life

Something that your always told as a young aspiring musician or artist is “Make sure you have a backup plan!”. That pushed me personally to never have a backup plan since I looked at that kind of like planning your failure. This song’s about getting your masters in life instead of a classroom. Taking the full plunge into doing what it is you love or what you dream about doing with your life. Having the courage to be a unique soul on an unbeaten path. You can’t make everybody always happy with your decisions in life but you can apologize and try to make them see things from your angle. I’m not sorry for the life path I’ve chosen or taken but I am truly sorry if I hurt anybody or let anyone down along the way in becoming me.

Emotionz BW

People I’m Closest With

Sometimes the hardest people to talk or argue with is the people we love the most. Reason being is that we care about their opinion and we are personally invested in convincing them to see things our own way. If some random crazy guy in the street is yelling at you, you can probably just easily walk away paying barely any attention. Why is it if a best friend, lover or parent was yelling at us it’s infinitely harder to accept and just let it go of the argument? This song’s about questioning those feelings and where and why they come out so intense. The best advice we can get is from the people that love us the most and also the most brutal honesty and stern words can come from those same people. Do we shut off our loved ones to certain issues and parts of our lives or find a new way to balance family, friends, honesty and communication.

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