Da Hip Life Ep. 5: M.anifest Interview [Video]

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By  any metric, Mr. M. – M.anifest – is one of the best rappers in Ghana.   He is the grandson of one of Ghana’s most esteemed musicians and musicologists, Prof. J.H. Nketia, and plenty has rubbed off on this talented emcee.  His work ethic and hustle match his natural born aptitude, helping round out a complete musician that understands the business as well.  He has won many awards in Ghana and abroad but his music isn’t what you hear at every club or on every radio station.  Still he has managed to travel the world spreading his message; most recently at Zimbabwe’s Harare Festival.  It is impossible to write about M.anifest without mention of his 10 year stint in the United States, including 4 years at Macalester College in Minneapolis, MN.   Minneapolis is to a major hub in the US independent hip hop scene, filled with Do-It-Yourself labels and artists alike.  M.anifest surely sharpened his blade amongst the strongest steel in the game.

Having returned to Ghana, he continues to blend the lines of his life’s dichotomies. His dress is almost always covered in a variety of African print but any mention of ‘traditional’ will lead him to quickly correct your observation by pointing out the modern tailoring! His music includes English lyrics to support the International fan base he has cultivated but still incorporates Ghanaian languages because some things just can’t be expressed any better.  His versatility has led to collaborations with musicians all over the world! Given the vast opportunities presented and the lessons learned, M.anifest shares his knowledge any way he can.  He has spoken at a number of universities throughout the US and Ghana and even co-founded Giant Steps – a conference that “combines entrepreneurs and artists to share their insights and experiences”. His ability on the m-i-c and business acumen have opened the world to M.anfest and will surely continue to do so.

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