The Marvelous Marketer – #4: Cannes Edition [Editorial]

Posted on June 2, 2015 by


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Great marketers know how to market their skills no matter where you put them on god’s green earth. My skills as a marketer were put to the test when I visited France for the Cannes Film Festival. One of my clients wanted to get media coverage in Europe and with no contacts in that market it was a challenge we were more than happy to take on!
One thing that was clear to us is that we would need to use her assets as much as possible! French people love Americans so from that point onwards we decide to use that fact to our advantage.
For instance: If we wanted to get her into an exclusive party that we were not RSVP’ed for, I had her speak English very loudly to get the attention of the organizers. Then I would go to the person in charge, speak French, let them know that I brought one of my clients from America, and she needs special treatment! Using this technique allowed me to receive a VIP Pass from one of the top weekly parties organized by Belvedere France!
I was also able to secure a promotional sponsorship with an Haute Couture brand and get my client to walk in their fashion show! We ended up at some exclusive party in a villa outside of Cannes organized for the Jackson Family Foundation, and Joe Jackson was there! I was able to introduce my client to world leaders and get her more gigs in Europe!
When we would head outside and be on our way to meetings, my client always wore bright colors that are a part of her style, but we made sure that she always stood out.
Again, using that as part of our marketing, we were able to get her an interview with the French Evening News!
Marketing is all about finding opportunities and filling a void. “Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star.”
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