Da Hip Life Ep. 6: Lvin Red Interview [Video]

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Lvin Red, formerly known as Redmic, is a part of the APVille collective and as close to an emcee in the traditional sense as you can get.  As his debut mixtape demonstrates, he is Thirsty For Success and is not afraid to put in the work.  A protégé of the talented producer NeL Magnum, Lvin Red studies the craft and takes the necessary time to improve his skills.  Though still early in his career, he is beginning to create his own sound, stage presence and brand that will have the legs to go the distance.  In the meantime he continues to work towards an accounting degree because wrecking the mic is not enough; Lvin Red’s aspirations, while rooted in hip hop, are bigger than simply releasing great music.  He acknowledges some of the persistent infrastructural challenges surrounding the Ghanaian hip hop scene, actually music scene in general, and hopes to help combat these issues by developing some of his business ideas – promotion, artist development and more.  He is not a household name yet but is very well connected within the Ghanaian underground hip hop scene and is prepared to rise through the ranks.

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