Da Hip Life Ep. 7: M3dal Interview [Video]

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Never complacent, M3dal proves himself again and again. Every song he makes, he makes sure that people get that “M3dal is dope feel”.  He is inspired by the legends that built hip hop to what it is today; NaS is hands down his favorite but despite the heavyweight influence, he acknowledges the American roots and feels a sense of ‘other’ as a Ghanaian artist.  While he incorporates some similarities to American hip hop, filling each and every track with straight BARS, he continues to make the genre his own by using specifically Ghanaian aspects in his music.   He received some acclaim right away, as one of his first tracks got some ready play but as great as it was to hear himself through the airwaves, he just took it as motivation to make his music even better. In order to make become the best artist he can be, he has surrounded himself with some of the best talent that Ghana has to offer and soaks in as much as he can.  M3dal is someone who you need to keep an eye on!

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Camera Work: Kwame Ohene & Benjamin Cohn

Editor: Kwame Ohene

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