Tom Delay Beats – Programming [Instrumental Album]

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Tom Delay Beats’ second purely instrumental effort is compromised of 18 potent and methodical hip-hop tracks. Programming offers a plethora of hypnotic beats, as the progressive producer increasingly flirts with a minimalist style.  The album’s melodies are supplemented with dynamic sequencing, deep bass, and amicable harmonies. Offering a wide array of styles and drum patterns, Programming is a testament to Tom Delay Beats’ expansive production capabilities.

Programming  touches on nearly all the corners of hip-hop production, as the album presents bassy trap beats like “Milk Money”, “Cal Ripken”, and “Xanthan” on one end of the spectrum, and silky-smooth, epic ballads like “Perks” and “His Story” on the other.  The bulk of the album, however, centers around a true-school, modern style of rap instrumental with hard-hitting tracks like “Ices”, “Toolman”, and “Amore”.  Tracks like “Zilla” and “Amanda Bynes” clearly offer that old sample-chop style that will bob heads.

Tom Delay Beats continues to maintain the core production values of the genre, while, at the same time, subtly diverging from it.  The enthralling drum loops are progressively complimented with synthesizers, guitars, and experimental instrumentation that allow tracks like “Than Fiction” to resemble songs, rather than just beats.

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