Da Hip Life Ep. 8: Magnom Interview [Video]

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Although the tide is turning, being a producer can be a thankless job in this industry.  For years, the guys who make beats have been left out of article headlines, kept in the dark about beats they have sent out and put into situations where they have to give away their hard work.  Not anymore. The rise of EDM has put the spotlight on producers, crediting them as the artist, letting the vocalist be subjugated to a featured spot (i.e. Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars) and Magnom is ready for the change.  After years of producing some of the biggest tracks in Ghana, he is ready to step out as an artist himself.  Always changing up his sound, Magnom forces other producers to play catch-up.  Traditionally a hip hop producer, he has ventured into Afro-Beats and trap music with the same success that he has come to expect, including one of Ghana’s biggest hits, Edem’s “Koene”.  Step into his studio in Adebraka, located in Accra, and you are as likely to run into stars like Sarkodie, Edem and Gasmilla as you are a young artist that Magnom is grooming.  He mixes, he masters. He is more than just a beat maker, he is a producer in every sense of the word.

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