#DaHipLife EP. 10 – C-Real the EMCeo Interview [Video]

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As far as personal preference goes, C-Real is one of my favorite emcees in Ghana. Thanks to the battle scene, he came up tested and ready to prove – a tried and true upbringing that numerous emcees can thank for their ability to not just survive but thrive.  He lives for hip hop but it is clear that his infatuation with words and savvy business sense help him turn the passion for a specific music into a life long career.  The self-titled “EmCEO” sites Shakespeare and Maya Angelou as sources of inspiration, hell, he even quotes a sonnet in the video above! Furthermore, he has used his fame from Sprite’s Emcee Africa Competition and profits from his early successes to build something more than a personal brand.  He owns businesses here in Ghana, runs a studio and still murders the mic.  He doesn’t sound like a generic American emcee; he mixes his home Ghana into the music seamlessly, but I can’t help but wonder if the fact that his core values as an emcee are so close to those in MY home is what draws me to his music.  He can spit off the top, battle anyone you place in front of him, create a complete solo project or put out a collaborative effort.   After two discs, he and E.L are essentially a duo whenever they want to be.  If you have a checklist that makes someone hip hop, I don’t think C-Real will leave one box unmarked.

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