Tef Poe – Prince [Video]

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We are living in times that allow us to separate the fake from the real. The truth has come out and the devils and the coons continue to expose themselves, while the real blooms and blossoms, like roses growing out of concrete, to borrow from Pac. When I become confused about my role in the struggle, I look to like minded artists for inspiration and guidance. When I went to Occupy Wall Street, it was because I saw Immortal Technique go. When I went to Tallahassee to meet the Dream Defenders, it was on the advice of Harry Belafonte. It was a phone conversation with J. Cole that made me decide to go to Ferguson. When I got to Ferguson, one of the very first people I met in those streets was a rapper named Tef Poe.

I had never heard of Tef Poe before that day. But here was this local artist, in the streets with the people, for real. I felt I needed to get to know him. When I looked him up online later that night, what I saw was local artist done good, a consummate MC you had made a name for himself independently, a hustler you had garnered the respect of his peers, all while staying true to his St. Louis Missouri roots. But the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson on August 9th last year transformed Tef into something else; a community activist, voice or the struggle, warrior for the people. You could hear strains of this mentality in Tef’s earlier work, but the Ferguson uprising burned down the old Tef Poe and the world traveling, politically active, revolutionary but gangsta Tef Poe rose out of those ashes like a Phoenix. Tef was already clearly driven by purpose, but his purpose was now more clearly defined. – Javotti

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