Mike Melinoe – Addict Venture [Song]

Posted on July 31, 2015 by


Mike Melinoe is an addict. Yeah, this song is about drugs, but I’m talking about hip-hop. While some can take a hit, chill, and leave it alone, Melinoe wakes in the middle of the night with cold sweats. The memory of cracking snares on the twos and fours leaves him scratching his skin trying to replicate the rhythm.

“Addict Ventures” ode to substance and hip-hop dependence is off of Melinoe’s upcoming and untitled new EP. On the chorus, a funhouse mirror repetition of “we get high”, Mike stretches his voice to its psychoactive extremes. His brain cells may be slowly getting fried, but his wordplay is crisper than ever.

The beat, courtesy of Niles Mack, samples a synth line that sounds like it must have been ripped off of an old 80s VHS. This is all held together by the sort of dusty boom-bap Melinoe’s has proven to be his home-field.