KLASSIK – Seasons [Album]

Posted on August 1, 2015 by


A string of seasonally-themed EPs released since the top of 2015 come full circle with the release of the SEASONS LP from Milwaukee emcee Klassik (Premiered on Fake Shore Drive).

Much more than a repackaging of the EPs, SEASONS is the full realization and culmination of the themes set forth by its’ predecessors. Whereas each EP on the surface was a soundtrack meant to evoke the emotions of a particular season, this album uncovers the true underlying motif: the coming and going of people in our lives, and how that affects our own growth and understanding of human nature.
The SEASONS LP pairs a few selections from the EPs with brand new, unreleased material, painting a breadth of emotions and experiences that, although directly reflective of the artist’s own life, are a part of everyone’s story. Familiar themes of love and loss, acceptance, triumph and defeat, abound throughout the album, weaved together with the lush and musically-rich production that the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter has become known for.

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