Marvelous Marketer – 5: Why Chase Radio? You Have The Internet! [Editorial]

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We have a lot of clients and people who call us to ask if we do radio campaigns.


If you have the internet, with access to the entire world, and low-cost ways to promote yourself [if you’re creative] why are you seeking a high cost, non-effective method of promotion?

Some facts about radio:
1. Radio provides no metrics, no data or analytics other than the number of spins you get in a general market.
2. Radio is basically a monopoly, owned by Clear Channel [now iHeart Media], which is owned by Viacom, which also owns all the major music TV channels, and record labels.
3. Radio is a payola game. In order to get a large number of spins you’ll have to pay either millions in advertising, or pay for a “Verge Artist” sponsorship, which will have to be paid out per market [city/region].
4. Even if you have the budget – remember the labels are exclusive partners with radio – it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to get the same treatment, since the labels are trying to keep their monopoly over the business.

Some facts about Internet streaming:
1. Streaming provides many forms of data, analytics, sources, length of time listened, and more, allowing you to use that data to better target a market and improve the product
2. There currently isn’t a monopoly on the internet [Facebook and Google are currently fighting it out to create one now] so it’s still possible to build an organic following and monetize.
3. Even if you need to pay for advertising on certain platforms, it’s still far cheaper and many times more effective than radio advertising could ever be.
4. With a bit of “sweat equity,” you can build a strong fanbase for little-to-no-cost that will net income for life.

Whatever you choose, make sure to weigh the facts, and your budget, and make a long-term plan. Even with a million dollar budget, it can still take up to a year or more to break a record.

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