Marvelous Marketer – 6: Creative Ideas on Video Shoots, Photoshoots! [Editorial]

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Stop spending hundreds of dollars on studio photo shoots and video shoots.


Beyonce shot a video that netted her millions of views on her cell phone.

Even I shot a video for less than $200 which netted me TV time on VH1 Soul for almost 2 years.

Creativity is the best marketing plan in the information age. People can see anything on the internet. You have to use your imagination and skills to produce the best product on the lowest budget.

If music isn’t selling, or if it is, it’s only selling for 99 cents, why spend $10,000 on a video?

If your phone has the same HD resolution as a HD DSLR, why not write a great treatment, find a good location, and editor?

Why not brainstorm with your friends about an entertaining idea or song that everyone could relate to?

Get creative, get better ideas, its your only hope to stand out from the noise!

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