I am PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: Don’t Sleep On Youtube! [Editorial]

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A lot of indie artists have a lot of great content and online marketing ideas.

They post a few videos here and there, hoping that one of them will go “viral”. When a social network does not deliver on this, they move to another strategy.

Consistency is key, even in developing Youtube videos.

Once again, hit count does not matter. Just stay consistent, keep promoting your video catalog, and you’ll build a strong loyal base slowly and steadily.

For example, take “Wolters World”, a guy who posts do’s and dont’s on Youtube for would-be travelers. He has about 60K subscribers, after several years of posting, and average video traffic ranks in at about 3-10K views per post.

But he has over 1000 videos in his catalog, and the views of each video goes up every time he posts and promotes a new one.

Youtube is basically your own personal NBC, even down to the economics. You can build a strong content library and market it, either making residuals from streaming and ad revenue, or brokering sponsorship deals with larger companies for larger amounts of money when you have more traffic.

Keep consistent, Pick a niche, dominate it. And build up Youtube subscribers!

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