I AM PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: Develop Your Own Platform! [Editorial]

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Marvelous Marketer : Develop Your Own Platform!

This one goes back to the other article about owning your traffic.

Develop a platform, not just a website, to receive the traffic that your content generates.

For example, if you have a video that you just released on VEVO, maybe have a deluxe, or directors cut available only on your blog. Use an email entry gate to capture your fans emails from VEVO as they go to your blog to download.

Doing this consistently will train your market to come to your app/website [the term is almost interchangeable nowadays] to consume content. Once the word gets out that they can get better stuff on your blog, you can even charge a premium service – higher quality audio, longer cut music videos, documentaries, and other entertainment services.

Here at  I AM PR Agency,  we try to keep your budget free of this costly procedure by including website design directly in with our packages. Which means the cost to create and host is free.

Don’t wait for some other musician to figure out this business model.

Be the pioneer.

Develop a great website, with great content, and a great marketing plan.

If you’re consistent, you’ll succeed!

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