I Am PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: How To Organize Your Own Concert [Editorial]

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Back in my artist days, I started organizing my own shows once I built a decent base. My first show was at Crash Mansion in NYC [now closed] and the capacity of the venue was about 100 people. I brought 75 people there, in the rain, on a Monday night in NYC.

We remarketed the even as a sold out show, and our next show had about 200 people. Shows after that produced crowds upwards to 600 people.

First, we built a strong word of mouth on the indie scene by frequenting all the open mics, and collecting emails.

We sent these contacts our weekly newsletter, which detailed all of our activities for the week, for almost a year consistently.

So when we threw our first concert, we had relationships with all the major venues already. We booked Crash Mansion for a small deposit, and went to work selling tickets.

We invited bloggers from the open mic scene[read: The Long Tail] and offered incentives to people to come out – an open bar. We paid for the drinks in advance. We also hired a really great DJ that would entertain inbetween sets. We made sure the bands that played were actually good, for maximum entertainment value.

Then we gave the event a name – #RapRocks! – and marketed it for over 3 months.

We took this formula, and applied it 10 more times over that year, producing great results each time.

This formula even worked in other cities, like Austin, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Organizing your own concerts are great ways to bring an online experience offline, and engage a niche in a new, exciting way.

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