Lericq – Flames [EP]

Posted on September 5, 2015 by


Emerging from the underground into the bright lights of superstardom comes Lericq (lyric), “Hip-Hop’s savior”. Born and raised in the mean streets of New Orleans, Lericq sought refuge in music picking up a microphone at the age of 12. Now 28, Lericq’s musical resume is one of a seasoned professional. Not only does he write (mentally) and produce his own songs but he also films and directs his videos as well. Never one to be associated with selfishness, he lends his abilities to fellow artist ranging from the likes of local legends “Ghetto Twins” to mainstream stars such as “LIL Wayne”. Lericq’s blend of gritty street tales, mixed with classic soulful beats, brings the listener closer to the reality of life in urban communities. Fans around the world have coined his style of music as “Street Hop” blending commercial and street into one genre.