I Am PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: Organize Your Schedule, Multiply Productivity [Editorial]

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We all know the proverb:
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

We at I AM PR have found that to be true. If we didn’t adopt the habits of successful people, there’s no way we’d still be operating. I have observed a lot of people over the years – from artists showing up to soundcheck late, or band members getting high or drunk before a concert – and I can tell by their behavior how far they can go.

If life is a game, do you think the guys that play the worst will go the farthest?

At I AM PR Agency, we spend our weekends scheduling and preparing content for the entire week, along with analyzing data from the prior week. This gives crucial insight into our moves in the coming weeks, months, and over time, years.

This is an enormous responsibility, along with raising our 2 infant kids, can send any entrepreneur running. But we have goals.

Therefore, these habits enable us to become successful and realize our dream.

To be a pro, you’ll have to play like one.

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