I AM PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: Tips For The Up And Coming Artist [Editorial]

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Tip #1 – This is going to take longer than you think.

Tip #2 – You’re probably going to have to come out of pocket, for a while, long before you get paid.

Tip $3 – Reduce costs as much as possible, evaluate all investments

Tip #4 – If someone promises you the stars, ask for referrals first

Tip #5 – You’re probably going to lost many of your friends…

Tip #6 – And a few band mates/entourage as well..

Tip #7 – You’re going to lose your social life. Record, Perform, Practice, repeat…

Tip #8 – Hit records don’t come out of nowhere, its a numbers game.

Tip #9 – Keep the team positive, no one needs a friend that brings down morale

Tip #10 – Hire an indie-artist focused PR that can help you build your buzz

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