I AM PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: Money Management – How To Generate Returns as an Artist! [Editorial]

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We all know money is tight nowadays.

So why are you going on vacation?

At I AM PR, we the founders have YET to go a vaction in the last 5 years. Every trip has been a business trip!

Even during the Cannes Film Fest, while everyone else rested on the beautiful beaches, Olivia and I were at the Carlton Hotel networking everyday for 8 days.

But when we talk to artists, some say they can’t afford a campaign since they are on vacation.


If you’re serious, get serious about your money management. You wont get rich until you do. There are certain habits those with money and business snese possess. If you want to take a trip, at least make sure you have the ability to recoup the costs of the trip. If not, and going will set you back in your goals, maybe it isn’t such a good idea.

Also, some indie artists looking for a way to come up quick will buy one off services that are supposed to generate large numbers of fans. Lets make this clear: the chance of going viral is so low you shouldn’t bother with it. The smartest way is to build a following slowly over time by publishing content you public cares about.

Stop blowing money fast, stack up, invest with good companies, and get returns.

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