I AM PR Agency – Marvelous Marketer: How To Use Fame To Make Dollars! [Editorial]

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Fame is a mechanism to create demand for products and services.

We have made a lot of people famous, and we thought that was it.

Turns out there’s a lot more.

Fame by itself does not make money. If you don’t have the infrastructure set up to create sales from large amounts of awareness, fame means nothing.

A lot of artists strive for fame, but when we try to explain that they need to have a sales and marketing system to go with it they tell us that’s not their goal. Then we get them a lot of press, and the next question they ask is, “How do I make money now?”.

Before starting a PR campaign, understand what your goals are. Understand how you’re going to make money and what the purpose of your fame is going to be. That’s the fastest way to ensure you’ll see your ROI.

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