Millenium Jazz Music – Locations: Italy (Cassette Reissue) + Canada [Albums]

Posted on December 9, 2015 by


Once again we’ve received names from several of you who wanted to get on our list and reserve a copy of the Locations: Italy tape reissue, and since we now have enough names and pre-orders the second batch of Italy tapes will be available from next week.

With just two more volumes of this season to go we find ourselves arriving at Locations: Canada as the Jazz Jousters share their take on a lab off session which focused on sampling Jazz music from Canada.

Music by B3NBi, SmokedBeat, Mr. Moods, B-Side, Bones The Beat Head, Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv, Es-K & Max Bronstein-Paritz, Slone, Pawcut and Vinkate.

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