P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. – STAR WARS for Dummies IV (A New Hope) [Song]

Posted on December 23, 2015 by


To celebrate the arrival of the new Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens, two of the Jedi at HiPNOTT have collaborated to bring new Star Wars inductees up to date with the first (official) Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Deep of the 2 Hungry Broshas just released his solo beat album What You Leave Behind and also collaborated with P.SO the Earthtone King on their joint release Feast of Legend. The two fan boys are wishing all fellow Hip Hop heads, comic book heads, and Jedi/Sith lovers a Happy Holiday with this upbeat take on Star Wars: A New Hope.

Be Sure to Check out P.SO and the 2 Hungry Bros Feast of Legend as well as Deep’s What You Leave Behind on Bandcamp, and all Digital Retailers. Enjoy “Star Wars For Dummies” – Stay tuned, they may take on all the movies; except the midichlorian ones.

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