Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal, at Yoshi’s Oakland 1/27 [Show Preview]

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Taleb Kweli is the quintessential ‘underground’ emcee.  Whenever someone is asked to name an underground artist, Taleb is at the top of nearly every list.  The World’s real introduction was 1998’s Black Star with the mighty Mos Def! The two Brooklyn emcees have, in addition to their underground legend, ushered consciousness through the Bling Era of the 1990s and inspired countless rappers of today.  Two years after the first album, Taleb Kweli linked up with producer Hi-Tek again to create Train of Thought.  Having produced a good portion of Black Star, Kweli and Tek clearly had some rapport to build off with Mos Def not too far away.  In addition to the Mos feature, Reflection Eternal grabbed De La Soul, Kool G Rap and more for their album. In 2010, they got together again to release their 2nd album Revolutions Per Minute.

Keli doesn’t have the MOST commercial success out there but he has had his share.  More importantly he has managed maintain longevity over quite a long time.  Today he is a strong advocate for Independent artists.  He been the best role model, doing what he says, in regards to making a living as an artist without a major label for years.  Now, he has teamed up with Pharaoh Monch among others for Indie500.  He helps distribute music through his website and is restarting an online bookstore to replace the one he and Mos Def used to own in New York.  Taleb Kweli truly lives for the culture and always does what he can to support. On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, Reflection Eternal will play two shows at Yoshi’s Oakland: one early at 8:00 PM and another later at 10:00 PM.