Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk #5 [Mix]

Posted on January 29, 2016 by


2015 was an incredible year for Habibi Funk. We started the label, dropped reissues by Fadoul and Dalton and I had the opportunity to play 30+ DJ gigs from Tunis to Beirut playing old Arabic music.

So let’s keep on going in the same way in 2016: I spend some time in Morocco in December and after DJing in Istanbul and Beirut in early January a week in Cairo. Mix #5 compiles the records I found on these trips as well as, for the first time, some unreleased music from our forthcoming Ahmed Malek reissue, which came from a CD-R in his house that was full of recordings that were made straight from the 70s master tapes.

Mix #5 has a little focus on instrumental works largely from Egypt. It’s winter in Berlin and a moody mix seemed fitting. We’ll be back with the disco music for the dance floor in spring :).