Special Education with Murs [Video]

Posted on February 3, 2016 by


Special sits down with Murs for this episode of Special Education to talk about what he would perform for 3rd graders, what he would perform at an old folks home, the feeling he tries to evoke with his music, the hardest song for him to write, and his favorite person to work with.

When asked about E-40 he said “E-40 is my favorite to work with because he’s my favorite rapper ever in life. I can’t have fun with E-40 because I’m always like in awe. He’s the Jesus of slang!”

He names “Walk Like A Man“ and “First Love“ as the hardest songs to write because they’re personal stories about people he knows dying. When asked about “Woke Up Dead” he says “ it wasn’t hard to write, I was just trying to write it for a long time.. 10 years” and says he has a couple other songs that took that long to write as well.

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