Double Dose of Vince Staples on the 26th and 27th at Social Hall, The Independent [Show Preview]

Posted on February 19, 2016 by


Vince Staples hilarious antics on social media, Sprite endorsement and very dope music has put him on a fast track to stardom.  After running through the City with A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator and Danny Brown, Vince is back again on his own to perform two sold out shows. His true life tales from Long Beach are both entertaining packed full of life lessons beyond someone Vince’s age.

He original;y came up associated with Odd Future but especially after the announcement of their disbanding, Staples has stood as his own artist. He has a great ear for beats that constantly features unique styles.  He has been able to curate his own sound over the course of projects featuring production from Mac Miller, Clams Casino, DJ Dahi, and of course, No I.D. The legendary Chicago producer supplied oversight and a ton of new instrumentals for last year’s major label debut Summertime ’06.