Sean Healy presents Freddie Gibbs at The New Parish 3/24 [Show Preview]

Posted on March 17, 2016 by



Gangsta Gibbs is coming back to the Bay Area to share his street raps and authentic life tales.  The Gary, Indiana native has been living out in Los Angeles for a while, a very different existence than the one he raps about throughout Cocaine Piñata and prior releases. His Independent hustle has taken him all over the world to and allowed Gibbs to stay true to himself.  He doesn’t have the major label constraints that he did earlier in his career and his fans couldn’t be happier.

Even though he hasn’t release a full project for some time “Money Cash Hoes,” “Cocaine Parties in LA,” and other loose tracks have kept us satisfied. Gibbs is the perfect answer for anyone complaining about the lack of gangster rap in the game today.  His music is smart enough, however, that no one can dismiss it as simply bang bang, gangster noise. He tells stories that cover every step of our emotional spectrum and brings you into a world that you may never know.

He will be at The New Parish on March 24th with Chaz French opening things up. Don’t miss this show!