Scottish group Young Fathers hit Mezzanine this Friday 4/15 [Show Preview]

Posted on April 11, 2016 by



I’m not sure when I first heard of Young Fathers but I honestly haven’t stayed up-to-date..  I don’t want to use my ignorance to impact this preview so I reached out to fellow blogger, friend and Young Fathers fan (who’s seen them at least 3 times!), Maddie, to give me the low down.

After discovering them through an online Major Lazer playlist, she was instantly drawn to them. They have developed their own sound that lends itself to a variety of records across the emotional spectrum.  Other it is a happy song or an angry song, she “get[s] the feels.”  This unique sound that the Young Fathers cultivated through recording music over the years (their debut album Dead came out in 2014 followed by White Men are Black Men Too last year). All of the energy is intensified on stage. “They truly put everything they’ve got into their performances and sound perfect doing it. Their shows are always fun and intense.” Maddie continues, “They’re just the shit. I think they’re one of the best hip hop groups alive right now and awesome performers.” As you may have noticed from their album title, Young Fathers have a unique way of addressing race issues; something else that has drawn fans like Maddie to their shows around the World. The concerts are fun and the music can prompt important discussion or social action.

Come see Alloysious Massaquo, Kayos Bankole and ‘G’ Hastings, three guys who connected as teenagers un the UK because of their shared, unique taste in music, tear down the Mezzanine on Friday, April 15th.