Da Five Finger Discount: Constant Deviants [Editorial]

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The latest 5 Finger Discount from Da-What.com features Brooklyn hip-hop group Constant Deviants.  They switched things up by choosing tracks from the last album “Avant Garde” and the new one “Omerta” because there’s concept carries over.  “Both ideas behind them, while different, were conceived while they were touring in Switzerland. So effectively they knew in advance they were going to record two albums, Avant Garde with one kind of feel and vibe to it followed by “Omerta” which would have a slightly different edge and a themed concept”

constant deviants

This was a record that fitted Avant Garde so perfectly. It completely embodied the feeling we were going for on that particular album. As soon as I heard the beat I said it had that ATCQ feel. It took Cutt about 2 months to finally give it to me lol. That’s normal wit Cutt though. He tends to sit on beats sometimes before he send them. Once we recorded it we knew it would be a single and the video was also inspired by Electric Relaxation. It just felt like we had to pay homage. A year before Phife passed but perfect timing

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End All Be All (Beatminerz RMX)
This was set to be the second single on Avant Garde and we went to do an interview at Beatminerz Radio. Dj Evil Dee and Mr. Walt happened to be there and somehow the conversation came up that they were supposed to have remixed our first single ” Competition Catch Speed Knots” years ago but they opted out due to the fact that someone they were running with from Nervous Records had an issue with someone involved in the company we were signed to at the time. Evil Dee remembered the record and got in on the radio interview and told the whole story. Long story short we kicked it and agreed we needed to make it happen and it was long overdue. The rest is history


This is one of those records that just feels good the minute the beat drops. On Avant Garde we wanted the album to be well rounded and have the old feel and new feel all in one. This was a record that represented that perfectly. It’s timeless and everytime we get in stage we make sure to perform this song. It has a nice party feel to it but fits perfectly with the classic Constant Deviants sound

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So Underrated
This was the record that set the standard for Omerta. While in Switzerland we discussed doing a project that provided that hard hitting feel since Avant Garde was so jazzy and eclectic. We wanted to go back to our roots for those that didnt fully understand Avant Garde artistically. Let them know we were still here. It’s funny because both albums were inspired in Switzerland. Once we returned Cutt made that beat and that set the sound for the album. From that point on we hit every song perfectly. This is why we made this the first single from “Omerta”, it represents the album in the same way Breathin’ did for Avant Garde


Cutt for President
This song was actually recorded after Omerta was finished and our PR team asked us for a song or two extra to put out there. We don’t do throw away songs so we went back to the drawing board and recorded two songs. This particular song had the Eric B for President sample and as soon as I heard it i knew with everyone paying such close attention to the presidential race and everyone being so opinionated about it we thought what better time than to capitalize on that. Also it represents our group perfectly being we still keep the DJ/MC chemistry in everything we do.  We also represented that in our “3Stylez” freestyle video series from last year.  The response was such we recorded a new series “Tre Volte” for this year
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