Zion I – Tech $ [Video] + I Love California Like You ft. The Grouch & Eligh [Song]

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Zion I reveals an insightful video Tech $, which provides an intimate view into the artists personal world; being pushed out of his hometown of Oakland, due to the exorbitant cost of living, caused by an influx of tech-industry folks moving into the Bay Area.
The song Tech $ was produced by Mikos DaGawd and is track off of Zion I’s September 23rd album release, Labrynth. The project is Zion I’s first full-length release in four years.
“I’m all about business getting built and infrastructure getting built, but why not tap the people who have been here for generations and involve them in the process and empower the people here already,” Zumbi explains in his 3 minute 21 second video.
Tech $ is a fusion of ground shaking bass, paired with Zion I’s signature staccato rhyme schemes; offering a spoon full of graceful social awareness.
West Coast independent legends, Zion I, The Grouch, and Eligh team up on a monstrous track, which serves as an ode to their home state of California. Produced by Rey Resurrection, the track has each of the emcees waxing poetically about what makes the Golden State special to them while shouting out cities, legendary artists, and inspiration received from California.
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