Zion I – Stay Woke [Mixtape]

Posted on August 1, 2016 by


Following the munch hailed video about Oakland’s massive gentrification ‘Tech Money,’ hip-hop emcee Zion I drops his latest mixtape, “Stay Woke,” continues with his message of social consciousness, urging folks to wake up. Production is shared by Mikos DaGawd, HawkBeatz, Khristo, and Headnodic.

Stay Woke starts off with the smooth “Sun Irie,” which covers most of the topics Zumbi has become known for, environmental consciousness, social injustice and revolution, along with personal and spiritual salvation and is flush with the affirming chorus, “I’m a do it my way,” the 12-track mixtape is almost a kaleidoscopic look at Zion I’s entire career.

The mixtape is an insightful showcase for Zion I’s relaxed, fluid raps and lyrics packed with rich meaning and unbridled passion. Zion I juxtaposes his insistent raps over a bed of sleek, rhythmic grooves, ably assisted by his partners in rhythmic-crime, Deuce Eclipse, Adam Zida and Raashan Ahmad.