Knightstalker & Le First – Invisible Trap + Produit de Berlin (Remix) [Videos]

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The two Berlin/Germany rappers Knightstalker and Le First present the first video from their collabo-album “Foreigners”.  By rapping in English and French respectively, both MCs get treated like “foreigners” within the local HipHop community.  The language barrier is the main reason for getting little attention from the local media, although they’re born and bred in Germany too – which is exactly a key issue at the time in a lot of societies all around the globe. 
The video and the song picture the world as an “Invisible Trap” for everyone who tries to dig deeper into the mechanisms of our global system.  And no matter how often and long political issues may be discussed, real changes can only be made if one takes an actual stand!


Last video shot for the “Foreigners” album, this track is a remix to the title track from Le First’s debut album “Le Produit De Berlin”. The song includes French vocals (Le First & Fonz),  English vocals (Knightstalker), as well as Polish (Somis) and German vocals (Furious, Demskut, MeStOne & Mischkonsum) 
This combination of different languages performed by Berlin residents showcases the cultural, social and ethical diversity of the city while also being an ode to Berlin itself based on the aforementioned diversity and it’s very own mentality.
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