Tree – Police Mon [Song]

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This song is a real conversation starter. After working with Tye Hill in the studio for a few sessions of freestyling and punch recording, I began to get back to the old tree. The one who had something to say that was relevant to us all. In that session I came up with this hook that was both socially conscious and an obvious understatement. With all that’s going on with our urban communities involving the police, I thought it be only right to say how I feel. More than that I began to have debates days before with my white friends about their take on the issue of constant killings of young black men by police officers in america and the world. Truth is, I do have white friends and counterparts that I both adore and value and I’m positive that the feeling is mutual. What I found in conversation with these white friends is, yeah, they definitely think something’s wrong or not right and somehow unfair, they just don’t know how to help or be effective. Some even asked “what can I do?? what can I say?? who can I talk to??”. At that moment we were both paused with an uneasy silence because I don’t have the answer either. But what I can, and often do, tell them is “SAY SOMETHING!!”. Denounce it on your social medias and have these discussions with other like minded, civil people who will do the same. So in conclusion, as a result of these experiences, I was compelled to put it in song thus titled “Police Mon”…

In this song I ask the question, as we all should (meaning people of color), “how do my white friends feel about the fact that I’m a target here in America?? How do my white friends feel about the fact that, after I leave a bar or restaurant with you guys, its a real fear and possibility that I can be pulled over and shot on the side of any street in America for all the wrong reasons and the recoil or consequence in whatever measure is unwarranted, unjust, and 99% of the time not rectified or dealt with by the police and justice department as well as Congress??” I also go into detail about how I know people and how I, myself, have been, a time or two, on the other side of the law. But in a world of limited avenues and opportunities for some, there is still no reason to kill, shoot, or maim an individual because of their surroundings and condition. If a cop chases you and you run , that doesn’t give them the right to play God in the ghetto! Executioner and judge of the projects is a crime! So with that here is my song… I hope you all start healthy dialogue and speak out because the community is at risk and we cant do it by marching and looting. Our white friends have to speak out!! – Tree



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