Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Basquiat On The Draw ft. Westside Gunn & Conway [Song]

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After years of mutual respect, circling each other in collaborations, tours, style and respect, two titans of their craft have finally collided in Apollo Brown & Skyzoo’s The Easy Truth. The album is everything you’ve dreamt it would be: breakneck instrumentals and syllables crafted to make your head spin. The marriage between Detroit instrumentals and NYC wordplay has never been more cohesive. Themes range from police brutality to NY ambitions; Skyzoo shows you the world the way he sees it.

The team is back again with assistance from two of the rawest MCs in the game: Westside Gunn and Conway. Skyzoo dances through wordplay like nobody else can while Apollo’s beats establish himself as one of the most elite to ever do it. Every note and syllable reinforces the the pairing’s chemistry. The latest addition to the album’s reveal is a look into the underbelly of New York- a black and white examination of classic styles.

 “I’ve been rocking with Westside and Con since late 2014” Skyzoo commented to XXL.  “They are like family to me. When Apollo played me this beat, automatically I knew who I wanted to get on it, as it fit their style of abrasiveness. The song is just in your face punch lines; three emcees in a free for all cipher.”

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