Osten af – The Avengers ft. Masta Ace, Bam, Kashal-Tee, Prop Dylan & Coco Rouzier [Video]

Posted on September 29, 2016 by


Osten af is in great company of living legends Masta Ace and Bam of Jungle Brothers who join Swedish Hip-Hop icons Kashal-Tee and Prop Dylan. Together they team up like a gang of super-heros to clean up Hip-Hop and save it from the vile crap which has infested the culture recently. Make no mistake, these are legit super-heros of Hip-Hop, and they have the super-hero lyrical powers to set the game straight!
One of Sweden’s finest producers Freddie Cruger A.K.A. Red Astaire provides the music for this soon to be classic Hip-Hop anthem. Freddie already has an impressive catalogue of over 50 vinyl releases to his name. Coco Rouzier from Brooklyn also helped add a soulful hook for the track as well.



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