Special – 112 Interview at Bad Boy Reunion Show [Video]

Posted on October 28, 2016 by


112 kicks it with Special to talk about the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, getting back in to the studio together, and Diddy threatening to send them back to ATL when they were recording their first album. “Puff used to always threaten to send us back home, back to Atlanta, if we didn’t make a hit.. So that album was really do or die and it put that work ethic in us, to make us not accept anything but the best from 112.”

When talking about new music they assured us 112 has so much more in store “We’re having conversations regarding new music. We’re really taking the momentum from the tour to advance what we’ve been able to accomplish in our careers because we feel like our story hasn’t been completed. We still have so much more life in 112.”


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