Dizzy Wright & Demrick – Blaze With Us! [Mixtape]

Posted on November 8, 2016 by


Sharing a love for both hip-hop and marijuana, Las Vegas’ Dizzy Wright and Los Angeles’ Demrick teamed up to release a free, collaborative mixtape, Blaze With Us! Featuring appearances from B-Real, Berner, and Audio Push the 15-track tape is packed with stoner anthems, offering both slow burning jams and hard hitting bangers. Both formidable rappers on their own, the two emcees were excited by the idea of working together. “When Demrick and I started this Blaze With Us project, we had the mindset of recreating the same type of chemistry Method Man and Redman had so we paid homage to their Blackout! album with our cover. We’re not trying to duplicate the music, rather, you’re going to feel the same kind of chemistry they had beween them with me and Demrick. We’re damn near going to sound like a group. Blaze With Us is for active stoners, those who wake and bake and then head to work or school. For those who like to smoke throughout the day to keep the engine running,” Dizzy explained.

Two of the tracks off the mixtape come with visuals. In “Hundreds of Thousands” Demrick and Dizzy cruise in red Jeep, coping with the stresses of eviction and running a business with weed, women, and wings and waffles. The psychedelic video for “Roll My Weed” finds Dizzy and Demrick under police surveillance, hotboxing a Mercedes and sending smoke signals. The two MC’s are about to embark on the second half of their national Still Movin Tour, covering the Midwest and East Coast. They are joined by DJ Hoppa, Audio Push, Mark Battles, and T Dubz.