#DaFiveFingerDiscount: Tone Chop & Frost Gamble – Veteran [Editorial]

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Da Five Finger Discount v3

Out today, Tone Chop and Frost Gamble have released their new EP Veteran. With the help of Urban Elite, Tone Chop and Frost Gamble were nice enough to give us Da Five Finger discount on their new Ep. They break down how Ruste Juxx ended up on “Leave It Alone,” the sample on “Step Up,” and more. Get to know the album and then go ahead and support these guys!

Frost Gamble : “Getting Juxx on the track… that had everything to do with Sean Price. Chop and I have always been big fans, and for years I had wanted to work with Sean. But he was not someone you could just approach on social media to make that kind of connection. I have friends from Brooklyn, so I figured one day I’d take a trip and meet him in person, make it happen, get a feature. But I waited too long, and then he passed – on my birthday, I was just a few months younger than him. So, not wanting to make that mistake again, I reached out to Juxx (Sean’s protégé and label mate, who I’m also a big fan of) for a feature on my compilation project… that’s how the relationship started. So when Chop and I decided to a Sean P tribute track, we had to be careful how we approached it. We didn’t know Sean, but we didn’t think he’d appreciate something sappy – it had to be hard bars and hard beats to celebrate the legacy he maintained. So Chop opened with a killer 1st verse, then I reached out again to Juxx and essentially asked him to co-sign it w/ the 2nd – because I didn’t want to do the track if he thought it was wrong for us to sample Sean’s voice.  But Juxx said he loved it, jumped on it right away and killed it hardbody. With that in place, Chop got his homie Nobi to do the 3rd verse – Nobi is from Queens and had worked with Sean before, so he brought the track home perfectly with just a couple bars mentioning Sean directly, and his flow was real ill too.  It’s 3 NY emcees from different areas who all sound great together. We had to make it the first single from our new EP “Veteran””

Frost: “The filtered bassline in “Step Up” was sampled from a 1996 cassette recording of a Tone Chop freestyle performance at my basement birthday party. As a producer, that’s my little treat to sneak that in there, and reveal to at the end of the song, closing out the EP.  The beat is dark but cinematic, and to me this one of Chop’s best performances, he absolutely kills this track – pen, flow, voice, everything.  This is the second single off the EP”

Chop: “When Frost sent me Step Up, I was looking for a beat to just go in and spit bars – I was like, aww man this is just what I was looking for! The bars came to me almost instantly. These are the type of rhymes I like writing the most because I get to showcase my skills as an emcee and just rap. I feel like rappers these days don’t rap no more, they rely more on melodies instead of lyrics – and to me, lyrics matter and bars count.”


Chop: “Frost first sent me Being a Boss as a feature for another artist and I just had a 16 for it. I loved it because it had Jada on the hook which is one of my favorite MCs, and the beat itself was tuff even without the hook in it. I wrote my 16, recorded it, and sent it back to him. He sent it back to me recently – guess the feature didn’t work out – so I wrote a second verse and re-recorded the first verse. The rest is history, classic material.”

Frost: “Like Chop said, this track was originally supposed to be a feature on another artist’s project that never got finished. I also showed the track to Jadakiss’ A&R, and he seemed to like it, thought about it for a long time before finally passing. When the deal with Seven13 happened, I went digging in the vaults for some unused gems and pulled this one out as a perfect bonus track.  So we threw it out there and made it available as a free download direct from the stream”


Frost: “As a solo producer, one of my favorite moments in the music game was a phone call I got back in the fall of 2013. At the time, I was working with Tahmell – Rakim’s son – on a 7 track EP. He was featured on a single I produced that was getting some radio play in Western Canada. Rakim was touring, and at a stop in Vancouver, someone approached him saying “yo, I heard that joint your with your son on the radio, that track is crazy!” But Ra didn’t know anything about that yet. So when he got back home, he asked Tahmell to show him what we were working on. And when Tahmell called me to say that Rakim loved it, and thought all the beats were dope….

Well, that’s about as good as it gets to me. Sadly, the project never got finished, as Tahmell moved on to other opportunities, but it was still a great experience. You can hear the influence of Rakim, but Tahmell truly brings his own energy, skills and style to the tracks.”

Chop : “This is from my other role as a producer. I met Tom Gist through Big Drew who films our videos – he was working with him doing artwork and such, even made a few beats for him as well. I’ve been a big fan of Gist for years, I hit him up told him I had beats – so he said to send him something. He’s very picky about the beats he chooses. I sent him probably over 50 beats and he always said they were hot but just not what he was looking for. I kept trying though, and he always gave me good feedback. Then a couple years back, a little bit before Mother’s Day, I sent him three new beats including “The Momma” – he said, I need that !  About a week or so later he sent me the finished track and said he made it for his mom for Mother’s Day. I love the track and think he did a great job with it – and what better than a Mother’s Day gift?”