Caleborate – Game Over [Video]

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With puckish charm, precocious charisma, and witty lyricism, Caleborate is a rising star in the Bay Area scene. A highlight from his recent 1993, “Game Over” is a glorious slice of chipmunk soul, as Caleborate boasts about his rhyming ability and dismisses his troubles over the lush groove. For the video, premiered by NYLON, Caleborate pulled out all the stops, casting a sea of local heroes and collaborators, including producers Mikos Da Gawd, Trollex, and Kuya Beats, and Bay cultural icons and radio hosts the Hyphy Hoochies, co-star in the video-game inspired video. Filmed in one take, the video imitates the user interface of an early ’90s arcade game, with a health bar in the upper-left corner. The hero of the game, Caleborate dodges bill collectors, his angry aunt, and police officers, all while collecting coins, stars, and extra lives, in pursuit of his goal of hanging back and watching TV. The visual is a fun extension of Caleborate’s fascination with early ’90s culture, which culminated in 1993, which combines nostalgia for the 23-year-old rapper’s childhood with reflections on modern life.  Featuring appearances by Sylvan LaCue and Pell, as well as production from P-Lo, Mikos Da Gawd, HBK’s Kuya Beats, Cal-A,and Julia Lewis, 1993 explores Caleborate’s unique generational point-of-view through varied production and complex lyrical themes.

Explains Caleborate to NYLON: “The idea just came to me as I was listening to the song one day with my headphones in. It just looked so cool in my head and it translated well on screen. Each character in the visual represents a specific aspect or ‘stage’ in my life…. in my game of life, rather…”


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