Haz Beats – E5 [EP]

Posted on November 19, 2016 by


Low Key Source presents “The Head Nod Factor” – a series of monthly releases from emerging and established producers from across the globe. The first release comes from Auckland basedproducer Haz Beats entitled “E5”. Haz Beats has cemented his name across New Zealand’s Hip Hop landscape over the years as in-house producer for the politically incorrect and rambunctious Homebrew and Team Dynamite; as well as producing for the likes of Lui Tui, Raiza Biza, Wes, HoneBeGood, Dialectrix plus more.

“E5” is a 5 track instrumental release reflecting on his 3 month journey of Europe mainly spent in the east ends of London. “It’s the short journey through public transport fuck ups, come downs, hangovers, the good & bad people I met along the way, to the 35 hours it took for me to get back to Auckland.”